Home Organization Services in LA

Balance begins with Home.

Spacial Balance is a hands on personal service that assists clients to clear negative and useless items and toxic accumulation of storage spaces by opening the space, organizing, and clearing clutter so that you become more available to yourself! When we are more available to ourselves with clear and open energetic pathways, we allow the Universe to deliver what is rightfully ours to have… an abundance of energy flow, order, success, and joy either at home and in our personal work spaces.

I am a certified NAPO counselor and I want to help you get your Shui back! Have you tried to get work done only to find that you cannot find what you are looking for? Organization is a key way to promote efficiency, and I am here to help you create the space that you want to live and work in through planning, de-cluttering, labeling & filing, finding ergonomic solutions, and assisting in interior space visualization for a home/office that makes you want to say Aahhhhh.

What are you waiting for? Your home/office in proper working order can help you live your dreams, create abundance, and actually make more money. Make your magic work for you.